Medical Mission International delivers Health, Healing and Hope to suffering people in desperate need in developing countries around the world.

HEALTH—  MMI programmes and partnerships treat the root causes of sickness and disease and promote overall health.  Access to proper nutrition, investing in public and private health infrastructure, and educating communities on hygiene and sanitation are essential to solving long-term medical problems in the developing world.

HEALING— Medical Mission International is committed to both first response medical intervention as well as on-going partnerships with hospitals, clinics, community based programmes and travelling medical teams. We dispatch humanitarian aid and medical supplies in times of disaster and emergency. MMI also empowers hospitals, clinics and communities by supplying medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical teams that treat people in remote areas, who have little or no access to health care or medical assistance. In addition, MMI supports medical professionals, and the training and education of local people living in the developing world who are pursuing the medical profession.

HOPE— Medical Mission International focuses on the poorest, most desperate people living in the forgotten regions of the developing world. Many of our programmes target people living in Sub-Saharan Africa, where a disproportionate number of the population subsist on less than the equivalent of two US Dollars per day. Because most of the global poor live in rural areas, many of our initiatives serve people in remote communities and villages. In so many regions of the world, medical clinics are hours or days away from remote areas, making access to medical care nearly impossible. MMI missions are about bringing the hospital to the people.

MMI programmes deliver critical health services, infrastructure, medical supplies and care to people living in extreme poverty.  Our missions bring hope to communities struggling with endemic health problems or facing catastrophic conditions. Hope comes in many different forms. Hope is food in times of famine. Hope is a medical team that arrives in a rural village in Africa. Hope is the humanitarian relief shipment that sustains refugees fleeing war and civil unrest. Hope is receiving a sight restoring eye surgery and life-saving medical care. For a child with cleft lip and palate deformity, hope is a free surgery that restores her ability to learn language, speak words clearly, swallow, eat normally and not be ostracized. For the impoverished and the suffering, hope is the spark that allows a heart to dream of a better tomorrow.

To our partners and supporters, thank you! Together we are creating a life-changing legacy of Health, Healing and Hope! 



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